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The first ever World Day for Assistive Technology to launch on 4 June

Unlock The Everyday is calling for organizations, policymakers, businesses and individuals from across the world to mark the first ever assistive technology awareness day on 4 June 2024.  


The first ever World Day for Assistive Technology to launch on 4 June

The new awareness day aims to draw attention to the importance of assistive technology and the urgent need to improve access to it in many low- and middle-income countries. Assistive products include wheelchairs, eyeglasses, artificial limbs, hearing aids and digital devices such as screen-readers, which enable people to live independent lives – to study, work and enjoy the everyday moments that many of us take for granted.

Access to these products is a human right – however today only 10% of people in low-income countries can access the assistive technology they need, compared to 90% in high-income countries.

Unlock the Everyday, and the leading health and development organizations behind the campaign,  are calling for organizations, policymakers, businesses and the public to show their support, take action to improve access to assistive technology, celebrate assistive technology initiatives and help unlock a world where there are opportunities for all. Organizations from all sectors are urged to get involved.

How you can get involved and mark the day

Whether you’re an individual who uses assistive technology (or not!), an organization, a company or other, there are many ways you can get involved with World Day for Assistive Technology this year.

For everyone:

  • Share the new World Day for Assistive Technology assets on your social channels along with your own supporting written or video messages
  • Share our new campaign video – launching on 4 June and help us make it go viral
  • Use the hashtags #UnlockTheEveryday and #WorldATDay to show your support on social media.
  • Publicly pledge your personal/ your organization’s or companies’ support and commitment to improving access to assistive technology
  • Publicly call on local, national or global policymakers to prioritize funding and resources to improve access to safe, affordable and appropriate assistive technology
  • Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and X, and share and repost directly from our pages!

If you use assistive technology

  • Use the day to share how assistive technology Unlocks your Everyday – tell us at @unlocktheeveryday on Instagram and @Unlock_Everyday on X, how your assistive technology enables you to live your life and do the things you love.

If you’re from a supporting organization or company:

  • Make sure the day is in your company/ organization calendar – promote the day and your plans to mark it, to staff in advance – think about getting staff involved in plans to mark the day
  • Host an event or seminar (virtual or physical), e.g. with expert speakers / assistive technology and accessibility advocates
  • Galvanize high-level support from within your organization/ company – can a senior leader record a video clip or write a blog to post on the day – why they/ the organization is taking part and is committed and passionate about supporting people who use assistive technology
  • Announce a new initiative or relevant partnership and / or celebrate the success of existing assistive technology related initiatives within your company/ organization.

For more ideas about how you or your organization can get involved and to download the new World Day for Assistive Technology assets, please visit the ‘Get Involved’ page on the website.

Join us as we build a movement for assistive technology and take us one step closer to our goal for equal access and greater awareness and investment in assistive technology!