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Wherever you live in the world, support our campaign

Join our campaign

a boy in brightly coloured clothing with a prosthetic leg running down a street. ©ALTSO

Do you use assistive technology? Or know someone who does? Maybe you are a wheelchair user or you’ve seen first-hand how a hearing aid can transform someone’s life? Or you’re simply passionate about everyone having an equal chance?

Wherever you live in the world, support our campaign!

We want to raise awareness of the potential of assistive technology to transform lives and call on governments to urgently act to help the millions of people who need it.

There are various ways you can get involved.

Support on social media

Download our campaign social media assets . You can choose the asset that is right for you and include your own message underneath!

Here are some examples of posts:

If you are a wheelchair user:

Thanks to my wheelchair, I can go and watch my son play football every weekend #UnlockTheEveryday

If you wear glasses:

Thanks to my  glasses I can enjoy my favourite book, xxx #UnlockTheEveryday

If you are a prosthetic limb user:

Getting my prosthetic limb means I can live my life to the full, both professionally and personally #UnlockTheEveryday

If you use a hearing aid:

Before I got my hearing aid I would struggle to join in conversations, but now I can chat to everyone I meet! #UnlockTheEveryday

Another option could be: Thanks to my hearing aid I don’t need to worry about joining in conversations with friends and family?

If you use a screen-reader:

My screen-reader is my lifeline – Without this simple piece of tech I wouldn’t be able to do my job #UnlockTheEveryday


These are just examples – share your story about what assistive technology means to you.