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How your company can support the campaign

a woman fixing a hearing aid on a young girl so that she can hear. ©UNICEF_UN0799193_Al Asad
© UNICEF UN0799193 Al Asad

Only by working together can we create a global movement and improve lives for millions of people around the world.

Here are some of the different ways you can support the campaign:

Support on social media

You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X(Twitter).

You can also download the campaign assets for your company to use on its social channels, with your own supporting message.

Here are some examples of posts:

  • [Name of company] is supporting #UnlockTheEveryday – all our employees should have access to the assistive products they need.
  • [Name of company] believes everyone should have an equal chance to earn a living – that’s why we’re supporting #UnlockTheEveryday

Please remember to include #UnlockTheEveryday in your posts.

Other ways to support

Why not also:

  • Share the campaign in company newsletters or link to it on your website
  • Encourage employees to support the campaign on their social channels
  • Consider getting involved in the campaign through sponsorship and partnering on events or other campaign activities
  • Think about the assistive technology needs of your own employees – is anyone struggling to get hold of what they need?
  • You can also sign up for our Assistive Technology Providers Network

Invest to improve access to assistive technology

Do you know that 2.5 billion people need at least one form of assistive technology and most people will require assistive technology at some point in their lifetime, whether because of a disability, injuries or simply old age? By 2050 this figure is likely to rise to 3.5 billion.

However – to fund assistive technology for everyone who will need it in their lifetime will cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Is your company in a position to consider investing in the assistive technology sector in the future?

Does your company manufacture assistive technology?

We would also like to see the manufacturers of assistive technology review their product portfolio and identify business models and approaches that create win-win situations for business and those in need of assistive technology.

As part of this we want to strengthen supply chains – if you are involved in assistive technology manufacturing or distribution – get in touch with us and find out we can work together across the sector to improve supply chains.