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Help bring about the change we need to see

two children sitting close together, listening to a digital assistive technology device in a classroom. © UNICEF_UN0747890_Rutherford
© UNICEF UN0747890 Rutherford

We want to achieve better access for millions of people to the assistive products they need, including wheelchairs, glasses, hearing aids and prosthetic limbs.

Are you a policymaker with the power to help bring about this change?

Support our campaign and help us raise awareness and call for action. We need governments to urgently do more to improve access to assistive technology for the 90% of people in low-income countries who can’t get what they need.

Better access to assistive technology can not only transform lives for the individual – it can also improve economic prosperity and social equality.


We are calling for:

Stronger national policies:

We call on countries to develop national policies and programmes to improve access to assistive technology for those who need it, when they need it. Assistive technology needs to become a core part of national health systems and services, insurance schemes, social protection programmes, education initiatives, and others.

Increased investment

We need governments to commit to increased investment in assistive technology – including investing in the provision of appropriate products and services so more people can access it when they need it, as well as investing in removing the infrastructure barriers that can still prevent AT users from living independent lives.
Research from ATscale shows that for every dollar invested in assistive technology, a $9 return can be expected through improved educational outcomes, better paid employment and high productivity among adults and lower longer-term healthcare costs.

How you can help

What you can do:

  • Raise these issues in political arenas and parliamentary meetings at national and international levels
  • Access to AT is crucial for meeting all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and enabling all UN member states to fulfill the commitment to meet these goals by 2030 and Leave No One Behind. We urge ministers across governments to collaborate and recognise the importance of AT access for improving individual’s quality of life, as well as improving social equality and economic prosperity.
  • Support us by promoting these issues in the media, organize a roundtable discussion and/or join us on panels, calling for other world leaders to prioritize access to assistive technology and the removal of infrastructure barriers facing too many AT users today.
  • Support us by listening to and engaging with people who use (or need to use) assistive technology, to better understand their needs.


You can also pledge your support for the campaign on social media – you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and X (Twitter).

You can also download our campaign assets to show your government’s support – remember to include #UnlockTheEveryday in your posts.